One Week Until Lord Huron’s Strange Trails

We’re a week away from Lord Huron’s sophomore album Strange Trails, and in the weeks leading up to its release they’ve slowly trickled out tracks to give their fans a taste of what’s to come. Today marks the release of a new tune ‘Frozen Pines,’ and it continues the path of the band’s sound we’ve known and have come to love, without differentiating too much from 2012’s debut album titled Lonesome Dreams. This is a great thing in my opinion, as it is rare to find a band out there that can achieve a consistent sound without getting boring and repetitive.

If you haven’t checked out their debut, I suggest you do so now to get up to speed before next week. The catchy, simplistic melodies of Lord Huron are surely to make you enjoy the little things in life; through a broad palette of instrumental layering, to singer Ben Schneider’s reverb filled folk-rock vocals, the lyrical storytelling within this album is something anyone can truly appreciate, and is hands down one of my favorite debuts in recent years.

I leave you with a taste of what to expect next week when Strange Trails releases…

Dance Your Face Off!

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