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Periphery’s Sonic Unrest Tour

Periphery came to town this week in the form of the Sonic Unrest Tour, hot off their recent release of Periphery III: Select Difficulty. For those unfamiliar, Periphery is a progressive metal/djent band who have been tearing up the metal scene since their debut in 2010 and have been cranking out albums ever since. Periphery III: Select Difficulty came to us just a month before the Boston show, the follow-up to 2015’s dual album and tour Juggernaut: Alpha & Omega. The new album, dense with the familiar heavy riffage of Periphery’s usual style, expands on the band members strengths without being overly experimental this time around – but the result is nothing but another great album from the group. Continue Reading

Periphery – Juggernaut: Alpha & Omega Impressions

Periphery is back! After several years in the making and the EP ‘Clear’ in the interim, Periphery is back in full-force with their dual album Juggernaut: Alpha & Omega. For those unfamiliar, Periphery is a progressive metal/djent band out of Maryland who came hard into the metal seen in 2010 with their self-titled debut; followed two years later by Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal. Misha Mansoor, founder of the band credited with reigniting the djent scene, and absolute goofball (love you Misha), established the band back in 2005, and named it as such because he wanted to encompass a broad range of sounds and influences, with no defined direction. After a series of lineup changes leading up to the current sextet and their eventual debut, they have dominated the metal scene for the last five years.

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