New Trevor Hall Album Upcoming Titled ‘KALA’

Trevor Hall has been around for what feels like ages to me. I first heard his debut album Lace Up Your Shoes back when it dropped in 2004 (he was at the ripe young age of roughly 18) and consider the songs Beautiful LunaticProof of Destruction and Venomous to be classics – for a lack of a better word – at this point in my life. Hall fell off my radar for almost ten years because of my changing interests, but I rediscovered his music just as he seemed to rediscover himself when he released 2014’s Chapter of the Forest.

Chapter of the Forest was the result of a long, spiritual hippie-trip of sorts Hall took overseas in India for quite some time, and what came of this was the best production he’s created to date. This album went on to be in my top 3 albums of 2014 and is still a piece I turn to every couple of months or so when I’m in the mood for some easy listening. It’s especially good for those nice summer days or night time drives in the warm weather with the windows down, wind blowing.

Hall is about to release his (technically) 7th album on August 21, 2015, and you can preview and download several songs on iTunes now or find them on YouTube. The album is called KALA, and already it sounds like a continuation of the magic that was Chapter of the Forest. While you wait for this album, make sure to check out the EP he released earlier in the year titled Unpack Your Memories – you won’t be disappointed.

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