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October in Review

As warm weather fades away, Dance Your Face Off! has been seeking shelter at the indoor shows around New England. The month of October gave Massachusetts a solid variety of music offerings, spread out to venues all across the state. We covered a reggae rock show headlined by Passafire, Chadwick Stokes (of Dispatch and State Radio) who brought a mix of classic and new songs to his show, and a rock/metal event headlined by Clutch. Continue Reading

Revolution Rock Festival Smashes Its Way Into New England

Revolution Rock Festival

A major rock festival has been teased in the Greater New England area for years now. The rumors have finally come to fruition thanks to AEG Live. AEG has teamed up with Foxwoods Resort Casino to bring the first – of hopefully many – Revolution Rock Festival. They have announced a line-up of heavy hitters in the rock and metal genres that are sure to draw a massive crowd when the event lands in Connecticut on September 17th. We’re interested in seeing how the success of the event plays out, and what it could mean for future iterations of the festival.

For a full line-up of the event visit: Revolution Rock Festival

To view the official press release: click here.

Album Impressions: Tremonti – Cauterize

Mark Tremonti. It’s hard for me to come up with an original, praiseful comment about this guy. With a track record including millions upon millions of albums sold, a Grammy for Best Rock Song in 2001, and being the lead guitarist of one of the most idolized rock bands in the world, Alter Bridge (not to mention my favorite band), Tremonti steps into the rock ring for round two of his solo project with ‘Cauterize,’ the follow up to 2012’s debut ‘All I Was.’

As many of you know, Tremonti was the driving force behind Creed, a popular band in the 90’s and early 2000’s as lead guitarist and songwriter. I don’t think I need to touch on Creed’s success as they’re a multi-platinum and even diamond artist, but once they’re downfall came after numerous issues with lead singer Scott Stapp, Tremonti and Creed bandmates Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall went on to form the astounding Alter Bridge with singer Myles Kennedy (yeah, that guy who made Marky Mark look bad in the end of the movie Rock Star by coming out of the crowd to sing). Continue Reading

Interview: Chris Kessaris of Parasitic Extirpation

Chris Kessaris, guitarist of Massachusetts death metal band Parasitic Extirpation sat down with us to share some of his musical experiences and to enlighten us with the many projects in which he is involved.

As a young man in his early 30’s, Chris (second from left in band photograph above) has quite the number of achievements under his belt. From his band Parasitic Extirpation, a number of SoundCloud accounts and projects in which he does his own renditions of classic Nintendo Entertainment System and WWE songs, Chris is an extremely busy man. At one point in time a guitar instructor, Chris has a knack for learning and teaching. Graduating several years ago with a degree in music, Chris remains a student of music. He told us that he will never be where he wants to be with his music, and ever since the day he heard guitarist Chris Broderick (Megadeth, Nevermore) many years ago, the talents expressed by Broderick pissed him off (in admiration for his skills) so much that this became the leading cause in his drive to constantly be improving upon his own talents. Continue Reading