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Young the Giant’s ‘Home of the Strange’ Tour

Young the Giant announced a tour earlier in the year to accompany their August release of their third album Home of the Strange. On September 18th, the Orange County quintet landed in Boston with a killer set of old and new tunes playing nearly 20 songs over the course of two hours. Our first encounter with Young the Giant was back in 2011 at a Jimmy Kimmel Live show and the attraction to the bands thoroughly-developed, mammoth live sound was the immediate draw. DYFO has since attended Young the Giant both at indoor and outdoor venues between Massachusetts, Tennessee, and California. The band has only grown more and more into their live sound (which easily tops their studio recordings, in our opinion) which is reflected stupendously in any size arena, with singer Sameer Gadhia’s astounding vocals leading the charge. Continue Reading

Don Broco – Automatic

Don Broco resurfaced recently as their second album Automatic was released in August of this year. I stumbled upon ‘Automatic,’ the albums title track, in Madden 16 which released right around the time of the album. For those unfamiliar, Don Broco is an alternative rock band from Bedford, England, that first emerged on the scene in 2008. After a series of name changes and a new bass player they released their debut in 2012 titled Priorities.

Looks like Madden is trying to keep up with FIFA in the soundtrack space, where I’ve previously found bands like Imagine Dragons, The 1975 and Walk the Moon.

Give them a listen!

New Trevor Hall Album Upcoming Titled ‘KALA’

Trevor Hall has been around for what feels like ages to me. I first heard his debut album Lace Up Your Shoes back when it dropped in 2004 (he was at the ripe young age of roughly 18) and consider the songs Beautiful LunaticProof of Destruction and Venomous to be classics – for a lack of a better word – at this point in my life. Hall fell off my radar for almost ten years because of my changing interests, but I rediscovered his music just as he seemed to rediscover himself when he released 2014’s Chapter of the Forest. Continue Reading

Major Lazer & DJ Snake (feat. MØ) – Lean On

This song has been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now! I’ve been familiar with Major Lazer for a while, even before the latest hit Lean On, but it’s typically a music genre I overlook or don’t think twice about.

Two weeks ago I heard Lean On on Beats 1 Radio and was not sure what I had just heard. Still not knowing what the song was or who it was by, I came across it on the dance floor of a wedding I attended this past weekend. I remember it was the third song played of the night and as soon as I heard it start I ran to the center of the floor and danced like never before. This song was fire for such a time of celebration and partying, and certainly got the attendees to loosen up, which then went to set the tone for the rest of the night. Continue Reading

Check out this band… St. Lucia

I wanted to post a song that’s a bit of a throwback here (two years) from an artist by the name of Jean-Philip Grobler, better known by his stage name of St. Lucia. I was first introduced to St. Lucia with this song ‘Elevate,’ and my love grew stronger after a live show in Boston, MA earlier in the year. Consisting of synth-pop stylings and electronic music, St. Lucia draws from his influences like Fleetwood Mac and Madonna. Having remixed songs for the likes of Passion Pit and Foster the People, St. Lucia has been featured in the mainstream on ad campaigns like those of Victoria’s Secret and Taco Bell.

St. Lucia brings a lot of emotions to the surface for me, but most of all, the songs of his just make me feel good.

Check out St. Lucia for yourself, and let me know what you think about the music in the comments.